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Water Damage Restoration and Repairs

Are you suffering from water damage to your home or building?

If you are dealing with high flood waters getting into your home or business or a water leak which caused damage and mold, roof leaks, or any other type of water damage, then we know how much stress you have been under. Get relief quickly but allowing Specialized Cleaning Services take over the water damage restoration and repair process. You can trust the experts in water damage repairs. We have the right equipment and experienced technicians who are standing by to turn your chaos back into normalcy.

Specialized Cleaning will inspect the water damage and put together a plan to get your home or business back and many times better than before. We will take swift action to minimize the damage by acting quickly. Remember, the longer your belongings and building materials stay saturated with water, the bigger the risk that they will be destroyed and also allow mold growth to start. Since mold inside a structure also poses a significant health risk to all who breathe in the spores, immediate action is required.

We will thoroughly disinfect, clean and treat your property once it is completely dried out. Every location has different circumstances caused by water damage, so hiring experts in water damage removal and restoration is vital to make sure the work is done correctly and to protect your family or personnel.

Our water damage technicians are equipped with the best tools including high powered extraction pumps, dehumidifiers, and air movers to get the areas dry as fast as possible, thus minimizing the damage.

We hope that in your time of need, you will call Specialized Cleaning Service, so the job will be done right. Please call us at 800-680-0333 immediately upon noticing your water damage or mold.

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