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Dryer Vent Cleaning

We make dryer vent cleaning a pleasant experience. We understand the dangers and costs of not cleaning your dryer vent. We brush and extract your vent from inside the back of the dryer all the way through the vent to the outside. This ensures all clogs and lint is thoroughly removed from the vent line. Your dryer vent should be serviced every 1-2 years. We complete the dryer vent cleaning in less than 1 hour.

Why should you clean you dryer vent

Having your dryer vent cleaned will save you time and money by way of faster drying times, better efficiency, and longevity of the dryer. A clogged dryer vent can also cause damage to the dryer. It will also help reduce the chance of a dryer vent fire. We offer annual and biannual dryer vent maintenance. Please contact us at 608-228-6003 to schedule your appointment today.

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Speciality Cleaning Dryer Vent Cleaning Services Wisconsin

Speciality Cleaning Dryer Vent Cleaning Services Wisconsin

Specialized Cleaning Services offers our Dryer Vent Cleaning Services throughout southeastern Wisconsin including the following cities:

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